Back to School Health Checklist

  • Topic Info:Many schools send out a school supply checklist for kids before they had back to school, which includes things like how many notebooks they need, the kind of pencils they should bring, whether or not they need pens, etc.

    But not often enough do schools send out a health-related checklist.

    In this segment of ER 101, Dr. Juan Fitz joins Dr. Leigh to discuss all of the things your kids need before they hop on the bus again for one more year of the books.

    For instance, you should make sure that their medical records are up to date, including things like any allergies they suffer from, any medications they are currently taking, who their pediatrician is, and contact info should the school need to get in touch with you.

    Additionally, they should have all their vaccinations, dental check-ups and eye exams out of the way.

    If you child rides the bus, you may want to do a practice run once or twice so he or she becomes familiar with that morning and afternoon routine. Or, if your child is of driving age, make sure you go over all the safety concerns that accompany getting behind the wheel... including NO texting and driving.

    Kids of all ages have cellphones these days, so take the time to input emergency contact information into their phones so that they have them for easy access should an emergency arise. And, don't forget those "consent to treat" forms.

    Whether your kids are in pre-school or heading into their senior year, you don't want to miss the important information shared by Dr. Fitz.
  • Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur, MD