Dr. Ginger's 30-Day Change-Your-Life Nutrition Detox Challenge

  • Topic Info:You are constantly bombarded by toxins in every direction, from the food you eat to your living and work environments.

    These toxins can cause joint pain, insomnia, high blood pressure and many, many more health ailments.

    You can take steps to rid yourself of these life-threatening toxins, but would you even know where to begin?

    Never fear... Dr. Ginger has the answers.

    In this edition of "Healthy Steps with Dr. Ginger," she and Lisa discuss the 30-Day Change Your Life Nutrition Detox Challenge, which will help you jump-start your health and get you on the path to wellness.
  • Book Title: The Healing Powers of Green Juice.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH