Get Real: Being Honest with Yourself Will Help You Lose Weight

  • Topic Info:They say that honesty is the best policy.

    If you write down your intentions (i.e. exercise 30 minutes) and then write down what you actually did, do they match up?

    Being honest with yourself is essential for making health behavior changes and setting good goals.

    For example, someone who says "I need to lose a few pounds," may really need to lose much more and may not take the weight loss as seriously as he or she should.

    This also applies to visits to the doctor; patients need to ask for an honest assessment of health, which many physicians are reluctant to provide.

    How can you be truly honest with yourself?

    What does it take to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you need to do in order to get healthier?

    Dr. Brian Parr helps guide you through a series of honesty experiments that will help you live your best life and be the person you know you can be... all while getting healthier in the process.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS