Foods to Keep Your Arteries Clean

  • Topic Info:Heart disease is the number one killer for both men and women. You may think that you don't have anything to worry about since no one in your family has had heart issues. You exercise daily so you should be in the clear, right?


    Just because your family history is clear and you exercise does not mean that you are free to shove your face with unhealthy, sugary, high calorie, processed foods. What you put on your plate can either shorten or save your life.

    Those foods high in saturated fats and trans fats do damage by adding layers of plaque within your artery walls. But, don't panic if your diet has previously consisted of fast food and a bag of Cheetos with every meal. It's never too late to add foods such as whole grains, fish, nuts, fruits and veggies to help lower your risks and to keep your arteries clean.

    What are some foods that you can eat and won't get tired of?

    President of the Institute for Fitness and Health, Joe Piscatella, shares the wake-up call at the age of 32 that got him to eat better, as well as what foods you can eat to clean out your arteries and keep them clear.

    Foods To Keep Your Arteries Clean:
    • Nuts
    • Fruits and Veggies
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Olive Oil
    • Oatmeal
    • Fish
  • Book Title: Prevent, Halt & Reverse Heart Disease
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS