Destination Wellness: Plan Your Yoga Retreat NOW

  • Topic Info:Are you a fan of wellness, yoga and travel?

    If you've always wanted to truly get away from everything and focus on your peace of mind and your health, a yoga trip is just for you.

    And, if you've never been on a yoga retreat but have always wanted to go, there's no excuses now as to why you can't.

    Specific destination yoga retreats have gained popularity throughout the last few years. Destinations have popped up all around the world in places like India, Thailand, Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, Colorado Mountains, Costa Rica... the list continues.

    The important thing is to have a good plan.

    First is your location. How much are you really looking to get away and spend?

    Then, it's important to decide what type of retreat you want to take. Will it be an all-active vacation, taking five hours of yoga along with learning how to surf? Or, will it just be strictly yoga?

    Should you go alone, or bring a bunch of your wellness buddies? 

    Yoga retreats are great to experience by yourself, especially if you're trying to focus on yourself and your practice. However, it wouldn't be bad to bring just one other person if you're not used to traveling alone. 

    Leading Yoga and Pilates expert, Kristin McGee, explains how to plan your yoga retreat and shares the best places to deepen your practice and to find that inner peace.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS