Downside of Jealousy: You're Only Hurting Yourself

  • Topic Info:Studies have shown that a little jealousy might actually help your relationship; but what happens when it turns obsessive? What does jealousy really do to your health?

    Jealously activates your adrenal glands, which gives you that fight-or-flight feeling and creates psychological stress on your body. When chronically activated, this reaction can mess with your sleep schedule, appetite, mood and increase your blood pressure... not to mention the tension it builds within your relationship.

    More than likely you're creating this jealously in your head, causing you to over-think and overreact.

    If you know the green-eyed monster a little too well and are prone to jealousy-induced rage, there are some things you can do before your relationship is ruined and your health is damaged.

    Ask yourself, why do you feel this way?

    If you feel insecure or perhaps have been burned in a past relationship, it's important to know your self worth is something only you should define and understand that not every single person will hurt you like others have.

    Bestselling author of Secrets of Happy Couples, Kim Olver, LCPC, discusses why jealously can harm not only your health, but those around you as well.
  • Book Title: Secrets of Happy Couples
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS