Why You Need Perfect Posture

  • Topic Info:You've been told your whole life to sit up straight, and you might have even had a mother or teacher physically correct your slouched back. You might want to thank them instead of rolling your eyes.

    Do you know why posture is so important for your health?

    At a foundational level of your health, correct posture is the most important thing you can practice. Every element of your health -- including breathing, exercising, how you perform your daily functions -- depends on your posture. In fact, did you know that posture uses 90 percent of your energy value?

    Unfortunately, you are naturally and constantly compromising your posture and have been since the day you were pulled out of the birth canal. Learning sit up and walk actually damaged the tendons that hold your body together, causing you to lean over and become out of alignment.

    Is there anything that you can do to restore your posture?

    The best way to correct your hunchback is to realign your back with professional help. By seeking professional help, you not only achieve correct posture, but you will also learn exercises specifically designed for your trouble areas; head, shoulders, back, etc.

    Board Certified in Orthospinology, Dr. Russell Friedman, DC, shares why your posture is so important for your body and overall health.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS