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Shocking Trends Your Teen is Using to Get Drunk

  • Topic Info:The trend for teens to drink -- and binge drink -- is not slowing down.

    You might be surprised, however, to learn the ways teens go about getting drunk.

    In this YouTube world we live in, where fads and trends become popular almost overnight, some of the unfortunate fads relate to the use of drugs and alcohol.

    For instance, kids have begun to use alcohol enemas and alcohol-soaked tampons to get a buzz.

    One disturbing new fad termed "eyeballing" actually has teens pouring vodka straight into the eye socket, which can do long term damage to their eyesight.

    "Butt chugging" involves a tube inserted into the anus, allowing alcohol to flood into the large intestine. The alcohol is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream. This method is used to avoid the gastritis associated with drinking too much.

    Hand sanitizers contain a high percentage of alcohol, and many teens drink the sanitizer in order to get drunk. To help deter this behavior, Purell has started to put in an ingredient that makes it bitter to taste.

    "Vaportinis" involve smoking or inhaling alcohol fumes. This can be harmful to the lungs and teens can get so intoxicated so fast that the levels of alcohol could result in death.

    Dr. Chuck Nozicka has seen instances of these activities far too often in the ER. He joins Dr. Leigh to discuss the recent trends and the dangers associated with each.
  • Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD