Depression: Do Men & Women Suffer Differently?

  • Topic Info:You may have felt down in the dumps at times in your life due to a breakup, death of a loved one or from losing your job. This, however, does not mean you suffer from depression.

    Depression is a mental disorder that's characterized by having feelings of hopelessness and helplessness for a period of two weeks or more and which keeps you from performing daily tasks.

    Even though the symptoms are the same in men and women, they often experience depression in different ways. In fact, according to the National Institute of Mental health, women are 70 percent more likely to experience depression during their lifetime.

    Women are more likely to be in tune with their emotions than men, which can be why it's harder to recognize these symptoms and detect depression in men.

    Unfortunately, men are more likely to commit suicide than women. This could be because men are more impulsive and more likely to abuse alcohol or other substances to heal themselves.

    Are the treatment options different for men and women?

    It is important not to overgeneralize treatment, since treatment is based off the individual. However, both men and women can respond differently to medication and other therapy options.

    How are the sexual differences essential to understanding the illness?

    Chair for the Department of Psychiatry at Lehigh Valley Hospital Health Network, Michael Kaufmann, MD, shares the differences in how men and women handle depression, as well as ways you can recognize depression symptoms in someone you love.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS