Healthy Steps: Radiation from Japan Continues to Spread

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    In this edition of "Healthy Steps with Dr. Ginger," she discusses what's happening in the world of natural health.

    The Aftermath of Fukishima

    More than three years after the devastating breakdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, the damage is still affecting not only the residents of Japan, but people across the globe.

    While the Japanese government has been tight lipped about the effects, information is slowly leaking out to the general population.

    And, it's actually quite disturbing.

    A prominent doctor in Japan has stated that Tokyo should no longer be inhabited. He actually shut down his practice after 50 years and moved to the other side of the country.

    On the western coasts of the U.S. and Canada, wildlife is being greatly affected. Polar bears and sea lions have been dying at an alarming rate, and there has been evidence of fish contamination.

    The Japanese government is being criticized for not doing enough, not evacuating people in a timely manner, and even censoring the actual health effects the disaster may result in. Citizens are demanding a massive clean up, not a cover-up.

    What can you do to make sure you aren't exposed to these dangers? For one, stay away from fish, unless you absolutely know the source. You can also detox from heavy metals to help mitigate some of the toxicity.

    Drought in the U.S. Reaching Epic Levels

    More than a third of the country is in extreme drought. The states of TX, OK, CA, KS, NV, AZ, NM are particularly affected.

    These severe drought conditions have led to crop and pasture loss, burn bans, water shortages, mandatory water use restrictions and forest fires.

    A startling 80 percent of California is in extreme drought.

    To help preserve water during this time, you can take measures such as not running the water while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, not watering your lawn (or reusing rainwater to do so) and making sure you don't run your dishwasher half-empty.

    You can also try aeroponic tower gardening, which uses very little water and provides you with fresh, organic produce.

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