Naturally Savvy's Get Healthy Challenges

  • Topic Info:At Naturally Savvy, our main goal is to really help people get healthy... whether that means eating better, losing weight, or shifting to more organic, non-GMO foods.

    One way host Andrea Donsky is accomplishing that is through her Naturally Savvy Challenges.

    Special guest, Andrea Rooz, took on one of these challenges and is now looking at the way she eats in an entirely different manner, particularly in the way she looks at labels. In her previous mentality, Andrea would look at a food label and only pay attention to fat, calories and carbohydrates; those were her main concerns.

    Now, she recognizes that while those things are still important, there are concerns far more important to consider, such as artificial colors and artificial ingredients. Her priorities -- and even the priorities of her family members -- have completely changed.

    The challenge itself, which can be found on the Naturally Savvy website, involves a video tutorial followed up by a quiz, which helps you cement and understand what you've just seen and heard.

    It's a very simple, yet effective process to go through.

    In Andrea Rooz's case, she needed to look into alternative options, not just for her, but also for her kids. But, by understanding how to really read a label and what to look for, it makes choosing those alternatives so much easier.

    Plus, the options today for organic, non-GMO, wholesome, healthy foods are so much more vast than a few years ago. The mentality that "health food" is bland and tasteless has gone by the wayside, thanks to companies creating really yummy options.

    Your taste buds might not agree initially, which is no surprise given all the chemicals that are in the junk foods of today. But, eventually you can essentially "re-train" your flavor receptors to truly enjoy the foods you're eating.

    There are 10 Challenges in all, including the Scary 7 (artificial colors, flavors, etc.), Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Omega-3 Challenges.

    Listen in for more information on these challenges, as well as how they helped Andrea Rooz and her family get on the path to healthier eating (and living).
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH