Is It Time to Break Up with Your Personal Trainer?

  • Topic Info:Are you and your trainer just not seeing eye to eye on your goals?

    Or, maybe you just don't like his style anymore... or want to hear his long-winded stories day after day.

    It may be time to break up with your personal trainer.

    It may not be easy, it might be uncomfortable, but there are ways to make a clean break.

    There are also things to consider after the break-up. For instance, are you thinking of switching to a new trainer in your gym? Are you worried that your old trainer will speak ill of you or tell your new trainer bad things about you?

    How exactly do you break up with your current trainer and switch to a new one?

    On our "He Said, She Said" segment this week, Neal and Grace offer you their best advice on breaking up with your trainer or switching to a new class without the uncomfortable feeling you are worried about.

    After all, it is YOUR workout, right?
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS