Mental Illness & Suicide: Healing from the Loss of a Loved One

  • Topic Info:Losing a loved one to a disease, such as cancer, is extremely difficult. But, in some ways, it might be more "understandable" to those who are grieving than if they'd lost a loved one to suicide.

    Some might say, "cancer is a diagnosis; suicide is a choice."

    It's not that simple.

    Mary Jean Teachman's son was bipolar, but unfortunately was misdiagnosed. He got involved in drugs in high school, to try to deal with his condition.

    After he was finally diagnosed correctly, he went to college and had a promising life ahead of him. Despite returning to the drug culture, he eventually got off of heroin and all other drugs and actually spoke to kids who were dealing with what he'd gone through.

    Then, bipolar struck again. He became manic, then depressed. And then, Mary Jean's son took his own life with a firearm. 

    She was devastated, as any parent would be. She was also at a loss as to how to come to terms with her son's absence, let alone how he left this world.

    Eventually, after many, many years through Eastern philosophies and healing, Mary Jean found peace, joy, understanding, compassion and acceptance. Ultimately, she believes he went from a physical son to a spiritual son.

    Listen in as Mary Jean joins Andrea and Lisa to share her own personal tragedy, how she found her way back from this horrific loss, and how you can learn to find peace as well.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH