The Paleo Cardiologist: Prevent Heart Problems Naturally

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    Who would have guessed that the saturated fat "myth" would be one of the greatest of current times?

    While that myth is still fighting to be debunked by certain health professionals, Jack Wolfson, DO, is one doctor who has known for a very long time that saturated fat isn't to blame for heart disease.

    What is to blame?

    According to Dr. Wolfson, who is also known as the "paleo cardiologist," it's primarily poor nutrition and chemicals, such as those in the air, in the products you use and in the processed foods you eat.

    The solution, says Dr. Wolfson, is getting enough key nutrients and doing your best to avoid chemical exposure.

    Your body needs an appropriate amount of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. Especially important are the omega-3 fatty acids of DHA and EPA.

    Even though Dr. Wolfson follows a paleo diet, he wants to make something clear: "paleo" doesn't mean eating meat 24/7. A paleo diet should include lots of vegetables and some meat and seafood. 

    Another key factor in preventing heart disease is getting an accurate assessment of your blood labs.

    This involves more than just the typical analysis of total cholesterol. There are so many more elements that can detect poor health, including particle analysis, markers of inflammation, food sensitivities and Omega-3 cellular levels.

    Unfortunately, many doctors won't take the time (or have the knowledge) to do this. So, demand more of your physicians to order the tests and interpret them. If your doc isn't willing or able, it's time to look elsewhere for one that will. 

    How do chemicals tie in to heart health?

    One of the biggest factors contributing to cardiovascular disease is inflammation. When your body is exposed to all of these chemicals, it gets inflamed; it's "angry." The more you follow the organic clean living lifestyle, the better your health is going to be. 

    It doesn't have to be hard, either. Start by switching out your laundry detergent or stop using air fresheners. And, eat organic as much as you can.

    Finally, some supplements that are beneficial to heart health are vitamins K and K2, as well as Berberine, which Dr. Wolfson says is excellent for lipid control and blood sugar control. 

    In the accompanying audio segment, Dr. Jack Wolfson joins hosts Andrea Donsky and Lisa Davis to share information about treating heart problems naturally, as well as why the saturated fat myth is just a myth.

  • Book Title: The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH