12-Hour Shift Workers Are More Prone to Burnout

  • Topic Info:A recent study published in the online journal BMJ Open looked at 12-plus-hour hospital nursing shifts and the link between burnout or job dissatisfaction.

    The researchers surveyed 31,627 registered hospital nurses in 488 hospitals in England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and Poland between 2009 and 2010.

    The survey included 118 questions in which experiences and demands of the job, job satisfaction, and burnout were all assessed through a three-dimensional measure (MBI).

    The most common (50 percent) shift length was 8 or fewer hours, a third (31 percent) worked 8-10 hours; four percent worked 10 or less than 12 hours, 14 percent worked 12-13 hours, and just one percent worked more than 13 hours.

    What did this study find were the effects of nurses working 12 hours or more?

    Chiara Dall'Ora, RN, joins Dr. Leigh to discuss the study on 12-plus-hour shift workers and the link between burnout and job dissatisfaction.
  • Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD