Low-Protein Diet: Bad for Women?

  • Topic Info:According to a recent study, a protein-restricted diet can decrease calcium absorption, which could later cause skeletal health issues.

    In one study, researchers looked at 11 women with a mean age of 28, a normal weight, and who had regular menstrual cycles.

    The first three weeks of the study was a dietary adjustment phase and the six-and-a-half weeks involved protein restriction.

    Researchers found that by limiting dietary protein to 0.7 g/kg for the six-and-a-half weeks led to a decrease of -0.43% (95% CI -0.77 to -0.09, P=0.02) in intestinal calcium absorption.

    What else did researchers find and why is protein in your diet so important?

    Jessica Bihuniak, PhD, RD, joins Dr. Leigh to discuss this study and its implications for women's health.
  • Host: Leigh Vinocur, MD