Looking Your Best During the Holiday Season

  • Topic Info:The winter months bring dryness to your skin, hair, and even nails.

    Your lips get chapped, your hands might crack and feel raw, and your nails may become brittle and break more easily. 

    However, winter isn't the only culprit.

    As you age, certain compounds in your body decline, especially collagen. 

    Collagen is the second most abundant substance in your body, and is found in most of your tissues. Supplementation of collagen can help rebuild some of these tissues, both in your skin and the connective tissue in your joints.  

    Hyaluronic acid is another compound that can help moisturize your body, inside and out. It works very quickly, sometimes within a day or two. And, biotin is a compound that can strengthen your hair and nails.

    Finally, avoid sugar as much as possible, as it can also add to dry, wrinkling skin.

    Listen in as Tim Mount, CN, CCMH, the National Educator for NeoCell, joins Naturally Savvy host, Lisa Davis, to share ways to look your best this holiday season and beyond.
  • Book Title: Waking Energy: The Life Force Power Workout
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH