Get Out of Your Thoughts by Getting into Your Body

  • Topic Info:Zen Warrior Training® is a highly-disciplined personal development program dedicated to helping people to optimize their bodies and minds to achieve self-mastery.

    The foundation of Zen Warrior Training® is the acknowledgment that challenges are man's greatest ally in disguise, and that by learning how to conquer them, we develop power, vitality, influence and a greater connection to our authentic selves.

    Each individual's potential is limited primarily by his or her own belief systems, attitude and cultural imprinting. When these self-limiting beliefs are exposed by a compassionate and enlightened guide, we can live our lives more fully and more empowered in each moment. The Zen Warrior Training® ethos is that true success is the result of a disciplined mind, a balanced personal life, healthy relationships and fulfilling work.

    Sam Morris, founder of Zen Warrior Training®, joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to share more about the philosophy, as well as certain techniques you can use to get started with the training.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH