Rapid Antibody Testing for SARS-CoV2 by RayBiotech - with Dr. Jarad Wilson

  • Topic Info:With COVID-19 spreading so quickly, all across the globe, one thing people are wondering -- how can I get tested?

    Current testing methods take a few days to get results. In that time, even if one is careful about self-isolating, the infection could spread to others or an individual could become more ill.

    RayBiotech is a leading life sciences company providing proteomic discovery tools. The company has developed a rapid antibody test, using blood from a finger prick, to test for SARS-CoV2. Results are available within just 10 minutes.

    Dr. Jarad Wilson joins Dr. Susanne to explain how the test works, its accuracy, and where this testing methodology is with the FDA.

    Learn more at RayBiotech.com.
  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC