Life As Play: Live Compassionately, Intuitively, Spontaneously
Featured Speaker: Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson's book “Life As Play” chronicles his sixty-year spiritual odyssey with some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers of the last half-century. 

Electric Body, Electric Health: Sound Therapy and Biofield Tuning
Featured Speaker: Eileen Day McKusick
What if our bodies and health are not as static and mechanical as we’ve been taught to believe?  What if we are able to play a dynamic role in shaping our overall health, and utilize our body’s natural intelligence to activate our inner radiance?
Into the Heart of Health: Reaching Your Health Threshold, an Unshakeable Balance in Mind, Body, and Emotions
Featured Speaker: Dr. Evelyne Leone
We all strive for a vibrant, joyful life, but many factors and stressors can get in the way of that.
The Gut-Immune Connection
Featured Speaker: Dr. Emeran Mayer
Studies have shown that regions with low COVID 19 fatality rates eat large quantities of fermented foods. This is a perfect example of the gut-immune connection, and how food really is medicine!
4 Tips to Improve Your Concentration in the Digital Age
Featured Speaker: Dr. David Calabro, DC, CCN, FICPA, CEG

Do you often forget a person’s name minutes after meeting them? Are you easily distracted? In the digital age we now live in, it can be difficult to stay focused.

How to Stop Procrastinating Once and For All
Featured Speaker: Dr. Alice Fong
There are a million reasons to procrastinate things on your to-do list: anxiety, not wanting to tackle a difficult conversation, finding better more fun things to do! But whatever the reason, procrastination keeps us from moving forward and away from living our best lives.
Weight Gain and the Age Factor: Turning Back the Clock
Featured Speaker: Dr. Mimi Secor
Getting older is inevitable, but studies show that as we age we tend to gain 1-2 pounds per YEAR, which could ultimately lead to serious heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
7 Steps to Better Anger Management
Featured Speaker: Carol Barkes
Anger affects us not only emotionally, but mentally and physically as well.
Food & Fertility: How What You Eat Can Boost Your Chances
Featured Speaker: Dr. Robert Kiltz
Are you struggling to conceive? If so, you are not alone. 1 in 8 couples has difficulty getting and staying pregnant in the US, even if they are healthy people.
This is Your Brain on Food: Fighting Depression And More
Featured Speaker: Dr. Uma Naidoo
Have you ever had a food coma? You must have. That drowsy feeling and fatigue after a huge, huge meal. But did you know food can affect your brain and mental health, even if it's not a Thanksgiving feast that puts you to sleep?
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