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Is Your Hair Dye Killing You?

In this day and age, you would be hard-pressed to find a woman who hasn't colored her hair at least once in her life. If you're like many women, you have a standing date with either your stylist or your take-home bottle of color... typically every 4-6 weeks.

You may want to re-think that regimen.

Permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes contain dangerous chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems — including cancer.

The most dangerous hair dye chemicals are Arylamines. They can be absorbed through your scalp or even inhaled during application of hair dye.

Arylamines have been established as risk factors for bladder cancer by several clinical studies, including one conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

So, if you're a hair dye enthusiast, you might want to take a closer look at your favorite brand. Join Dr. Mike to learn where all the dangers lie, and if there is a healthy alternative.