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Are You Taking the Wrong Supplements?

There are hundreds of supplements to choose from at health stores, online stores and your grocery stores. Not knowing which supplements you need makes the searching and buying process overwhelming.

Everyone's body is different and can require more or less intake of specific nutrients, but your body -- just like everyone else's body -- needs the same foundation of nutrients.

How do you know which supplements are best for you?

A supplement pyramid can make the process of picking out what your body needs fairly simple and can save you from frustration and confusion. Moving up from the bottom of the pyramid to the top, the supplements become more personalized.

At the bottom is the foundational level, or the basic nutrients that every person needs in order to maintain function in everyday life. Nutrients in this category are multivitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ10 and probiotics.

The middle of the pyramid is more personalized and looks at your risk factors, symptoms and what supplements best fit those symptoms.

At the very top of the pyramid is the optimization level, adding supplements to help with the aging process.

Dr. Mike explains the three levels in the supplement pyramid, how to find which supplements are right for you and the supplements recommended within each level.