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Your Food Choices Directly Affect Your Health

If food has the possibility to make you sick, then doesn't food hold the power to make you healthy?

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) started to hit the food market as early as the 1990s; however, awareness has increased greatly in the past few years.

And, even though the topic GMOs has gained notoriety in health articles and news conversations, many people are still unaware of foods that contain GMOs.

Blame it on the fast, chaotic pace of life you're living... now more than ever you're relying on quicker food options, which causes you to think less about what you're putting in your mouth and the potential health hazards.

Also, you may not know that you're the reason for the GMOs in your food. Relying on fast and processed foods and constantly spending money on these options creates a higher demand for these products. As a result, certain crops are more likely to become genetically engineered to keep up with the demand. These foods include corn, soy and animal products (milk, meat, eggs).

Aside from GMOs, don't forget about the packaged goods that contain extreme amounts of sugar and preservatives to ensure a longer shelf life.

What cumulative effect is this having on your health?

Radio Host, Frankie Boyer, joins Dr. Mike to discuss how your eating habits directly affect your health and why you should be aware of the food you're feeding yourself and your family members.
Your Food Choices Directly Affect Your Health
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Frankie BoyerFrankie Boyer can be heard in numerous major radio markets such as Boston, St. Louis, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Detroit, Lexington, Pittsburgh, Stamford- Norwalk, and Jackson.

Frankie's shows are also available via internet and podcasting. She has an impressive guest list that draws attention, including Suzanne Somers, Tony Horton, Harry Connick, Jr., Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz. Over the last two years she has been building her list of listeners utilizing social media.

Frankie Boyer's social media can be found on The Frankie Boyer Show Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Shine, Wellsphere, and She also has a new E-Zine focusing on healthy living and gluten-Free lifestyle.

In addition to her radio and social media presence, she is currently shooting a gluten-free cooking show with Food2Day network. She is an established force on radio, social networking sites, book shelves, and now is adding television to her multi-media supported business.