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Can Peaches Prevent Breast Cancer?

Peaches are known for their refreshing sweet taste, especially during the dog days of summer. But peaches are also known for their amazing health benefits.

Did you know that one large peach contains around 68 calories and zero fat? Peaches are also loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

What if this fruit had the power to prevent the spread of breast cancer cells?

Scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife Research found that peaches had the ability to prevent breast cancer cells from spreading. This comes in light of previous research showing the cancer-killing activity of peach and plum extracts in culture.

In the study, researchers took aggressive breast cancer cells and injected the solution into mice. After the mice were injected, they were given peach extract. Researchers found the peach extract inhibited the growth of metastatic spread to the lungs.

What else did this study find in hopes to prevent breast cancer cells from spreading?

Dr. Mike shares the latest research on the prevention of breast cancer with peaches.