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Why You Need CoQ10 In Your Diet

Co-enzyme Q10 is an enzyme co-factor found within your body that is necessary for your cells' basic function. Your enzymes and the reactions necessary for the production of cell energy, ATP, cannot work without it.

Aging adults lose a significant amount of CoQ10 with each passing year, resulting in less ATP and increasingly dysfunctional cells and tissues.

CoQ10 also lowers if you've had cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease or other genetic disorders.

This can become very concerning, as CoQ10 is one of four foundational elements needed for healthy growth and function. Even if you're eating healthy, it is still not enough.

So, what benefits does supplementing with CoQ10 offer?

In this segment, Dr. Mike explains the importance of CoQ10 and the potential benefits you gain from supplementing with it.
Why You Need CoQ10 In Your Diet
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