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Turning Back the Clock: It's Never Too Late to Change

There may be times in your life when you're not feeling your absolute best.

Whether it's emotionally, mentally or physically, it can feel like everything piles on at once.

Even though you may feel like you're in a rut, it doesn't mean it's too late to change.

At age 59, Dr. Jeffry Life had a wake-up call: he was overweight, sick and feeling older than he was. But after making some changes, Dr. Life has become thoroughly convinced that anyone -- at any age -- can significantly increase muscle mass, lose weight and improve quality of life.

If you're used to a less-than-healthy diet, but have decided you want to start eating more fresh, raw and unprocessed foods, it's probably a good idea to start off slowly. Stripping your normal eating habits and foods all at once may make the transition harder.

Dr. Life joins Dr. Mike to discuss the changes he made to his diet and lifestyle which produced quick and dramatic results, as well as how you can make changes to your own lifestyle.
Turning Back the Clock: It's Never Too Late to Change
Featured Speaker:
Dr LifeJeffry S. Life, MD, PhD, FAAFP, is the recipient of the first-ever Alan P. Mintz, MD Award for Medical Excellence in Age Management Medicine.

He takes a progressive, straightforward approach to helping patients enjoy healthy and active life-long aging with physical and sexual energy.

Dr. Life focuses on proactive, cutting-edge medicine and lifestyle interventions—rather than the traditional reactionary approach to disease.

Dr. Life is currently located in Los Angeles, California. He has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Esquire magazine, as well as on The Doctors, Dr. Phil and Fox & Friends.