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5 Strategies for Preventing & Overcoming Migraines

If you've ever had a migraine, you know they can be debilitating and painful.

Migraines are a form of a headache that causes intense throbbing throughout your head while also inducing nausea, sensitivity to light, and occasional vomiting.

According to the American Migraine Foundation, 36 million Americans (12 percent of the population) suffer from migraines.

Some patients who have daily migraines are able to reduce the frequency and intensity of their migraines dramatically, following a personalized blend of five therapeutic categories:

1) Find out what triggers your migraines.
There are different triggers that can cause your migraines, and these triggers differ from person to person. Triggers can be diet, weather changes, your menstrual cycle, or a chemical change.

2) Control your environmental factors as much as you can.
For example, if you're sitting in a cubicle all day, you may have air ventilation problems, issues with light, and long hours of sitting and staring at your computer screen. Getting up and practicing routine walks around or outside the office will allow you to take a break from the constant sitting and staring. 

3) Change your diet.
Getting a blood assessment can help eliminate the possibility of a food allergy, which could be a reason for your headaches.

4) Make use of dietary supplements and herbs.
It's common for migraine sufferers to have low magnesium levels. Taking a supplement is a simple and cost-effective way to raise those levels.

5) Include complementary care therapy in your approach.
Combining the list above with acupuncture and massage can help ease your migraine symptoms.

What else do you need to know about how to prevent and treat your migraines?

Dr. Todd Nelson joins Dr. Mike to discuss what migraines are and the five therapies you can utilize to help prevent and overcome migraines.
5 Strategies for Preventing & Overcoming Migraines
Featured Speaker:
Todd Nelson Todd Nelson is a Naturopathic Doctor. He holds many advanced certificates in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, First-Line Therapy, and Personality Assessment.

He has been serving the Denver/Boulder area in clinical practice for over 30 years, integrating Functional Medicine testing, clinical nutrition, medical-grade dietary supplements, detoxification, fitness, herbal medicine, lifestyle counseling, stress mastery and life coaching.

He is a nationally known speaker, teacher, and author.
Todd was host/owner/producer of the popular radio show, Get Healthy!, Colorado's #1 weekly talk show on holistic medicine, on 630 KHOW, Denver's Talk Station, for six years.

He has also done many nationally televised corporate programs in wellness to businesses, entitled Stress Mastery.

He is the co-author of three books, Arthritis Survival, Asthma Survival, and Headache Survival, (Tarcher/Putnam), along with best-selling author, Dr. Robert Ivker.

Todd is a contributing author to Dr. Ivker's Sinus Survival, The Complete Self-Care Guide to Holistic Medicine and Thriving: The Complete Mind/Body Guide for Optimal Health and Fitness for Men.

Dr. Nelson currently serves on the Metagenics Customer Council Advisory Board. Metagenics is Americas' #1 professional dietary supplement manufacturer/distributor.