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Lesser Known Flu Fighters

Trying to find the right medicine while fighting the flu can be exhausting.

The symptoms you're feeling can make you feel like you've been hit by a bus. All you want to do is lay down on the couch and sleep until you're better.

Unfortunately, if you're working nine to five everyday, a parent (or both), and have several activities you need to get done throughout the week, this remedy can seem unrealistic.

Your first instinct might be to rush to the nearest Walgreen's and gather as many flu medications as you can get your hands on.

Sometimes, the medication you're prescribed or find over-the-counter can make you even more drowsy and nauseated and can even cause stomach pain.

However, there might be a more natural remedy that's hiding in the produce section of your grocery or health food store.

Did you know that viruses like influenza hate bitter herbs?

Four bitter herbs -- andrographis paniculata, aronia (chokeberry), astragalus, and Japanese honeysuckle -- all help promote immune function, fill your body with antioxidants and ease inflammation and pain. If you can get past the taste, these bitter herbs can reduce the number of days you feel sick by as much as three.

What are some other natural ways you can stay healthy while you're battling the flu and other illnesses?

When you're sick, your body becomes depleted of important nutrients. However, by consuming certain nutrients both before you're sick and during, they can help you stay healthy while overcoming your illness.

Always consider the following to help prevent and fight flu and other illnesses:
  • Multivitamin
  • CoQ10
  • Fish Oil
  • Probiotics (promote immune support)
  • Extra selenium
  • Vitamin D3 (at least 2,000)
  • Lactoferrin
  • Reishi mushroom extract

What else can you do to help fight the flu?

Dr. Mike discusses the four bitter herbs proven to treat the flu. He also shares information about a heartburn medication and an over-the-counter hormone, both of which have powerful flu-fighting capabilities.