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The Latest in Longevity Medicine

Every year, the Life Extension Foundation releases its latest research in longevity medicine. This year, they focused on AMPK.

AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase), is an enzyme that exists in cellular energy homeostasis. AMPK contains three proteins -- that when combined -- make a functional enzyme. AMPK is found in your cells, plays a major role in your cellular energy balance, and is found in several of your body's tissues such as the brain, liver, and the skeletal muscles. AMPK also improves your longevity.

How can you reactive AMPK to improve your health and longevity?

Activating AMPK and boosting levels of the energy co-factor NAD are research-supported methods for living a healthier and longer life.

One ingredient that can help reactive AMPK is gentamicin pentoxifylline, an herb that is traditionally used in Asian medicine that can also improve body weight, improve your lipid counts and increase fat burning potential.

How often should you be taking this pill?

A human trial showed optimized benefits with participants taking 450 milligrams daily; splitting up the doses by taking one in the morning and one during lunch.

What else do you need to know about AMPK?

Dr. Kira Schmid, Associate Director of Scientific Affairs for Life Extension, joins Dr. Mike to discuss the science behind these longevity targets.
The Latest in Longevity Medicine
Featured Speaker:
KaraDr. Kira Schmid is a naturopathic doctor and scientific director for Life Extension in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. One of her most recent projects was updating the fifth edition of the Life Extension Disease Prevention and Treatment book, containing 130 evidence-based protocols to combat the diseases of aging. Dr. Schmid has been with Life Extension for nine years. As the clinical corporate trainer, Dr. Schmid developed the training program for the doctors, nurses and other professionals that compose the health advisor department. Dr. Schmid’s training program prepares new health advisors to share complex scientific information and research with Life Extension’s highly-informed customer base. Dr. Schmid’s responsibilities also include working closely with the clinical research department and product development to review potential supplements for viability and efficacy. She also reviews medical literature in the monthly Life ExtensionMagazine. Dr. Schmid earned her doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle, Wash., where she graduated with academic honors. Her training included a two-year internship at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, a leading center of natural health education and research. As a research assistant at the Bastyr University Research Institute, Dr. Schmid was involved in cutting-edge investigation in the use of botanical medicines for HIV/AIDS treatment and Echinacea for the treatment of respiratory infections. At her private family practice in Hanover, Mass., Dr. Schmid provided integrative medicine with a special focus on women’s health, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal health. Dr. Schmid is often heard on national and regional health radio programs and is a frequent contributor to widely-read health and wellness publications.