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Has Your Hormone Therapy Stopped Working?

Women oftentimes experience a drop in estrogen and progesterone levels during or after menopause. This drop in hormone levels causes several unpleasant symptoms including vaginal dryness, urinary problems, night sweats and trouble falling asleep, thinning hair, weight gain, and mood swings.

Hormone replacement therapy  (HRT) is commonly used to combat these symptoms but many women are beginning to experience hormonal therapy failure, causing symptoms to reemerge.  

A Link Between HRT Failure and Your Liver

Actress, author, and health advocate, Suzanne Somers, says that imbalance and inappropriate application of HRT can often lead to hormone failure. Somers also believes that your liver has a big role in HRT failures.  

In order to be digested properly and enter the bloodstream, your hormones need to pass through your liver. If your liver is being overworked, it may eventually cause an unregulated flood of hormones to enter the bloodstream. This sudden overdose of hormones may be responsible for causing your symptoms to return.  

Hidden Agents Take a Toll

According to Somers, we are all under “a massive toxic assault” and our bodies are paying the price. She cites toxic household cleaners, skincare products, and fluoridated water as major contributors to an overworked liver that is constantly trying to filter out chemicals.  

Many women may not realize their livers are being damaged. Somers recommends cleaning out your liver using colonics on a regular schedule, beginning with three the first week, two the second week, and once a week for several weeks thereafter. If this schedule cannot be maintained, mixing vitamin C, some water, and three capsules of R-lipoic acid can also be an incredible detoxifier.

The end goal here is the same: to unclog the body’s plumbing and clean the liver for HRT to remain effective.

Tune in as Somers and Dr. Mike discuss HRT and why it may no longer be working for you.
Has Your Hormone Therapy Stopped Working?
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Suzanna Somers Suzanne Somers is one of America's most popular and beloved personalities. In a multifaceted career that has spanned more than three decades, she has achieved extraordinary success as an actress, singer, comedienne, New York Times bestselling author, Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year, entrepreneur, and lecturer.

She is the voice and face of alternative medicine. Her book, BOMBSHELL: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging (Crown Archetype), was an immediate New York Times bestseller, as well as a Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and Publishers Weekly bestseller.

Her latest book is, I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS!: The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perimenopause, published by Crown Archetype. She is the Emmy-nominated hosted the weekly Lifetime Network talk show, The SUZANNE Show, which provided a thought-provoking morning show alternative with in-depth information on health and wellness in a casual, entertaining format.

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