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The 4 Health Trends of 2014

It may seem like there has been a continued failure in the healthcare system and drug industry when it comes to misleading and mislabeled products. However, this has led many of you to become fed up and request further research and studies to support new findings.

There are also new health trends that seem to appear every single day. But again, you never know whether or not to trust these upcoming health trends and/or demand more research. 2014 was filled with TONS of new diets, new super foods, breakthroughs in medicine, new supplements, and the combination of western and eastern medicine

Within this research, The Natural Products Insider recently reported on the four health trends of 2014 and how they will continue to affect you in the years to come.

So, what are these four health trends?
  1. Integrative medicine is key for the future of public health
  2. Trials on natural products
  3. Quality standards are improving, but work remains
  4. Innovation is primed to continue
Dr. Mike discusses the four supplement trends posted on the Natural Products Insider website and why they are extremely beneficial to your health.