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Protecting Against Cancer: 10 Mechanisms Restored by Curcumin

Curcumin is the main component in turmeric and has numerous health benefits such as treating inflammation, easing digestive issues, fighting infections, treating depression, treating Alzheimer's, and preventing cancer.

There are many types of cancer, all of which are caused when there is abnormal cell growth within your body. Inside of your cells dying off, abnormal cells continue to multiply and grow out of control and attach to your body's tissue.

According to the American Cancer Society, there is growing evidence that curcumin can help prevent and treat cancer. Even though human studies of curcumin and cancer prevention and treatment are in the early stages, the results are promising.

What are the 10 mechanisms that are restored by curcumin?
  • Protects DNA damage
  • Eases chronic inflammation
  • Restores cell signaling pathways
  • Restores normal reproductive cycles
  • Helps regulate¬†apoptosis
  • Restores normal survival pathways
  • Inhibits cell proliferation
  • Helps prevent invasion of cancer cells in healthy tissue
  • Inhibit angiogensis
  • Slow down the spread of cancer
How can curcumin protect your body against cancer?

Dr. Mike discusses what curcumin is, the many benefits it has, and how curcumin protects against cancer.