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Scientifically Redefining Love

Love, at first glance, seems like a simple four letter word.

However, if you've ever experienced it firsthand, you know it can be an extremely complicated emotion.

The euphoric highs and the overly painful lows can make you question why you even bother. But, scientists have a new way of looking at love and how it affects every aspect of your body and life.

You may have different types of love for several people. For example, the way you love a family member, friend, or four-legged pet can be very different than the love you have for a partner.

Nevertheless, whatever type of love you're experiencing, it has the power to change your entire life.

What has scientific studies shown regarding how love has a positive effect on one's heart, brain, bodily processes, and even life span?
  • Lowers cortisol levels
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases dopamine in your brain
  • Boosts oxytocin levels
Paula Felps joins Dr. Mike to discuss what it means to scientifically define love and how love can affect your life as a whole.
Scientifically Redefining Love
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Paula Felps Live Happy Science Editor, Paula Felps, has worked as a freelance writer and editor since 1998.

Covering topics ranging from health and fitness to luxury cars and travel to business and technology, she has written for such publications and websites as Executive Travel, American Driver, Self, Reserve, HI Luxury, Go Magazine, Private Clubs, and

She is the author of six published books and has served as ghostwriter or editor on nearly a dozen other book projects, ranging on topics from business to spirituality.

In addition to her work as a writer and editor, Paula is an advocate for sexual abuse survivors and founded the Sexual Abuse Resource Network in 2011. When she isn't at her computer, she is probably practicing yoga or doing something with her two Boston terriers.