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Retinal Detachment: End Your Floaters & Darkened Vision for Good

Your retina is a layer of tissue located in the back of both of your eyes. Your retina's job is focusing on images as you look at them.

A detached retina is a disorder of the eye that occurs when your retina peels away from the supporting tissue.

What causes a retina detachment?

Usually a retina detachment occurs when there's a hole or tear in the supporting tissue. This can happen from an injury, eye disorders due to aging, advanced diabetes, extreme nearsightedness, or chronic inflammation.

What are some things you can do to help get rid of floaters?

You must drink plenty of water, which will help hydrate your eyes. You should consider changing your diet and avoid added sugars and processed foods. You also want to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, which can damage your eyes.

What are some ways you can help prevent retinal detachment from happening?

John Monroe joins Dr. Mike to discuss the importance of eye health, what a detached retina is, and how to treat and heal your eyes if you experience this condition.
Retinal Detachment: End Your Floaters & Darkened Vision for Good
Featured Speaker:
John Monroe photoJohn Monroe is a Natural Vision Improvement Educator. John is a 20-year veteran and enthusiast of Dr. Deborah Banker's Natural Vision Improvement Program.

As a vision educator, John lectures, consults and interviews about prevention and improvement of most all major eye diseases and disorders.

He also addresses how to eliminate the need for glasses, contact lenses and reading glasses. In addition to helping many people, John enjoys traveling, meeting new people and conducting workshops.