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Vitamin E Reduces Inflammation

Vitamins play an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamins are essential nutrients that allow your body to grow and develop, while also protecting your body's systems.

Some vitamins are naturally found in your body, while others require supplementation or specific foods in order to receive the full benefit they offer.

You may already be familiar with well-known vitamins like B, C, and D; but do you know how essential vitamin E is?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant nutrient that is essential for strong immunity, healthy skin and eyes, protects your body against free radicals, boosts your immune system, and reduces inflammation.

Inflammation in your body can be caused by a number of things. However, inflammation typically means there's either an injury or infection somewhere in your body. Feeling chronically swollen can be extremely uncomfortable.

Researchers have found that by supplementing vitamin E into your diet, you can reduce inflammation caused by Crohn's disease, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), allergies, asthma, heart disease and so much more.

How else does vitamin E fight against inflammation?

Dr. Mike discusses the importance of vitamin E and the best sources for obtaining it.