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Ask Dr. Mike: Oxalates in Your Diet & Why Do Certain Products Absorb into Skin Better than Others?

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It seems everyone is saying how good green smoothies are for your health. I was talking to a friend who said her son was getting kidney stones, even though he drank a green smoothie. Can you comment on oxalates in the diet?

An oxalate is a very powerful oxidant that initiates free radicals found in plants and animals. Vitamins and minerals can also bind to these. In high amounts, your body wants to get rid of these oxalates and they're typically excreted out through urine. However, when oxalates continue to build up, your body can create kidney stones.

Dr. Mike suggests changing up the green smoothies to decrease the oxalate load.

If collagen can't penetrate your skin, why does retin-a minoxidil penetrate for hair loss treatment?

Dr. Mike wants you to understand that different things absorb into the skin better than others. For example, fattier things like lipids and hormones work on the skin well and absorb a lot better.

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