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Doctors on Demand

When you're feeling ill or are in need of a check-up, the typical protocol is to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

More than likely, it won't be right away.

What if there was a way to have access to your doctor on demand?

Dr. Pat Basu joins Dr. Mike to discuss telemedicine and how the future of your doctor visits might be changing.
Doctors on Demand
Featured Speaker:
Dr Pat BasuDr. Pat Basu is the Chief Medical Officer of Doctor On Demand. Previously, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Virtual Radiologic, the largest telemedicine provider in the world. He helped lead hundreds of physicians in caring for millions of patients across all fifty states while improving patient service and clinical quality.

Prior to this executive role, Dr. Basu served as a White House Fellow, America's most selective and prestigious program for national leadership and public service. Dr. Basu worked at the highest levels of the Federal government helping to shape public policy.

To serve his country as a White House Fellow, Dr. Basu took leave from faculty appointments at Stanford University where he worked as a board certified physician and served a course director of Health Policy and Economics. He has been invited by companies, universities and professional organizations both nationally and internationally on improving health care cost, quality and access.