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Does Emotional Stress Cause Disease?

Even though research has suggested that some amount of stress might be beneficial to your health, emotional stress is different.

Emotional stress involves your sympathetic nervous system, the part of your brain that kicks in during a fight-or-flight situation.

Could there be a connection between a psychologically stressful event and physical disease?

Public speaker, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, discusses whether or not emotional trauma and stress can cause disease.
Does Emotional Stress Cause Disease?
Featured Speaker:
Donna Jackson Nakazawa Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an award-winning science journalist, public speaker, and author of The Last Best Cure, in which she chronicled her yearlong journey to health. Childhood Disrupted was born through the author's own search to better understand the role her own childhood adversity played in the chronic health issues she faced as an adult. She also wrote The Autoimmune Epidemic, an investigation into reasons behind today's rising rate of autoimmune diseases.

Ms. Nakazawa lectures nationwide and has appeared on The TODAY Show, National Public Radio, and ABC News. Her work has been featured on the cover of Parade, in Time Magazine, USA Today Weekend, Parenting, and Psychology Today. She has been a regular contributor to More and her research has been covered by the Washington Post, Glamour, Ladies Home Journal, and AARP: the Magazine. Donna blogs regularly for Psychology Today.