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Ask Dr. Mike: Nattokinase vs. Serrapeptase

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Dr. Sinatra has been suggesting nattokinase for some time to help reduce the amount of fibrin in the bloodstream to prevent clotting, thereby reducing the chance of a heart attack. Ralph Holsworth talks about other things to use, like serrapeptase for heart attack prevention. Do you have an opinion on nattokinase or serrapeptase?

Dr. Mike things that there should be more research on both of these types of therapies. Inflammation is part of most diseases, and Dr. Mike believes it's crucial to get inflammation under control to help prevent disease. Inflammation occurs when there are too many proteins within your blood.

Blood clotting also happens because of the excessive amount of proteins that are in your blood. Fibrinogen is what doctors target to help reduce blood clotting with enzymes like nattokinase or serrapeptase.

In Dr. Mike's opinion, nattokinase is the better therapy, because it targets fibrinogen more specifically and more potently.

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