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Ask Dr. Mike: Blood Flow Link to Dementia PLUS Nattokinase & Vitamin K2

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Have you heard about conditioning your blood flow to treat dementia?

Dr. Mike needed to do some research on this, and he found that it falls under the theory of hormesis, which is the theory that a little bit of a stressor goes a long way and it stimulates protective processes in your body.

Research published in the Augusta Chronicle says that briefly cutting off blood flow in the arm can stave off dementia, based on a chronic lack of blood flow in deeper parts of the brain.

Dr. Mike, should one take nattokinase and vitamin K2? If so, what are the suggested doses?

Dr. Mike says that you can take both nattokinase and vitamin K2. The worry comes in for some people who are trying to prevent clots; they are told to avoid vitamin K2.

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