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Ask Dr. Mike: Alternative vs. Traditional Vitamins PLUS Can I Skip a Day of My Supplements?

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I've been trying to cycle my supplements more. I've been taking supplements during weekdays and taking the weekend off, except for a few supplements. Now, of course we all know we should get everything our body needs from food, but realistically that's difficult. We're also not talking about survival levels of nutrients, we're talking life extension/optimal levels. The question is, do you think there are any supplements that are so important to optimal health that they shouldn't be skipped a couple days a week?

Unfortunately, this is not a simple answer and the concept is actually very complex. If you need to take a break on occasion and it ultimately helps with compliance for the rest of the days, Dr. Mike says to go for it.

If you suffer from pill fatigue and you end up stopping them all every day, then that's not good. Consistency is best, but if taking a day or two off helps, then do that.

However, Dr. Mike has a second answer that contradicts this first answer. He also believes that you shouldn't take breaks. You don't really get a break from the toxins that surround you within your environment, or take a break from stress. When you think of it that way and consider the things that are causing your body harm, you don't take a break. Therefore, you really shouldn't take a break from the supplements that optimize your body's well-being.

Here's some suggestions to help with compliance: try to take water-soluble vitamins every day, like the B vitamins, vitamin C, and herbal vitamins. Dr. Mike also wants to point out that if you're taking a supplement for a specific condition, don't skip those either.

Are gummies, liquids, and mints as good as more traditional forms of supplements like tablets and capsules?

It seems like the alternatives like gummies, mints, and liquids are more popular among younger consumers. Again, this answer can be complex. When you first look at compliance, it could be better. People might be more prone to take the gummies, liquids, and mints on a daily basis and wouldn't need a break. However, as far as the purity and getting the effect that you ultimately need from the nutrients, Dr. Mike believes the alternative format still needs some improvement.

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