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Ask Dr. Mike: Essential Tremors, Fecal Transplants & Is Alzheimer's a Fungal Disease?

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For the past 10 years I've had tremors and it's getting worse. The tremors only happen when I'm signing my name. When I move around, they are okay, and when I'm at rest they are okay. My father also developed tremors at the young age of 60. He died at 97 without being diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Unfortunately, nobody knows what causes an essential tremor. They usually begin around age 40, starting on one side of the body and progressing to both sides of the body.

Dr. Mike suggests doing a high dose of vitamin B12 and vitamin C shots. He also suggests phosphatidylserine.

Do you recommend fecal transplantation for a cure of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? Is this procedure safe?

Fecal transplantation has some science and validity to it, so it's not as crazy as it sounds. However, Dr, Mike is always cautious when using the word "cure." With that being said, it may help. You should find a doctor to look into it with you.

There was just a new study that looked at the possibility of Alzheimer's disease being a fungal disease. What's your take on this?

What causes Alzheimer's in multifactoral. The amyloid plaques that form in your brain if you have Alzheimer's is not the cause, it is the result and the symptom.

This idea that Alzheimer's could be fungal or bacterial is not a crazy idea, and there needs to be more research on this.

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