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Your Integrative Approach to Preventing Breast Cancer

Your Integrative Approach to Preventing Breast Cancer
Integrative medicine is about healing the mind, body and spirit.

In terms of cancer, it combines traditional medical care with additional ways to prevent and treat the deadly disease. For instance, a portion of an integrative approach to breast cancer encourages you to take charge of your life.

Connie Cifelli had to take control of her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer -- not once, but twice. Connie was able to evaluate her lifestyle choices and make significant changes to help slow the growth of the cancer, as well as prevent yet another re-occurrence.

Your lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise, can also impact the side effects of your cancer treatment.

As strange as it may sound, cancer can sometimes be the unexpected reason for personal growth and greater health.

Breast surgeon and author, Dr. Beth DuPree, MD, joins Cifelli to explain the integrative approach to breast cancer prevention and how you can implement this approach into your own life.
Featured Speaker:
Beth B. DuPree, MD, FACS & Connie Cifelli
Beth DuPreeBreast surgeon and author, Beth Baughman DuPree, MD, FACS, ABIHM, is Medical Director of the Breast Health Program at Holy Redeemer Health System in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, where she created an innovative treatment setting for diagnosis, treatment, and healing for women with breast disease. With a focus on prevention and embracing complementary therapies, Holy Redeemer Women's HealthCare at Southampton is the first-of-its-kind site that embraces the whole woman.

In 2003, Dr. DuPree chose to focus on diseases of the breast and breast cancer surgery. Dr. DuPree is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, diplomat of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and a member of the Association of Women Surgeons. She also serves as the Chair of the Board of Advocates for the American Society of Breast Surgeons and serves on the advisory board for and The Susan G. Komen Foundation Philadelphia. For many years she also hosted the popular Philadelphia radio program The Medical View.

Because of her strong dedication to patients with cancer, Dr. DuPree established a non-profit organization called The Healing Consciousness Foundation in 2007. The Foundation funds holistic and wellness therapies for women and men living with a breast cancer diagnosis. In partnership with Holy Redeemer Health System, those with breast cancer can access these complementary therapies at Holy Redeemer Women's HealthCare at Southampton, PA.

Connie Cifelli Connie Cifelli is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Her journey over the last five years has taken her down many roads. After Connie's first diagnosis in 2008, she was determined to live a healthier lifestyle and transform her body. She did that by losing 70 lbs. and never felt better. This was accomplished by taking advantage of the programs offered through the Healing Consciousness Foundation, founded by Dr. Beth DuPree and offered through Holy Redeemer Hospital’s Breast Health Program. Connie participated in the Healthy Cooking Classes and also joined the VMS Thriver Exercise program.  

She was on top of the world when breast cancer struck again in 2010. Her journey started all over; this time it hit her hard on an emotional level. Connie got through her journey this second time with different types of healing modalities.

Connie's second cancer journey has brought her to a place of wellness... not just for her body, but her mind and soul as well. She refocused her life; it is not about having cancer it is about being a WELLNESS WARRIOR!