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Are Hormones the Key to Zapping Fat?

Are Hormones the Key to Zapping Fat?
Do you crave or feel like you deserve a cheeseburger after a long, stressful day? How often do you act on that craving? A few times a week? More?

If you're constantly eating fatty, greasy, sugary foods, you're bound to put on weight... and keep it on.

This excess body fat isn’t just unattractive; it can increase your risk for serious health problems,such as heart disease and diabetes.

If you’re having difficulty losing extra pounds, your hormones may be out of whack. Fat can indicate the following hormone imbalances: insulin, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA (a hormone of the adrenal glands), leptin, cortisol, serotonin and irisin (the hormone that is produced by muscle tissue when you work out).

But you’re in luck. You can influence and combat your hormones to help control your weight by simple diet, exercise and sleep.

You are probably thinking that this sounds easier said that done.

No need to fret.

Michelle King Robson and Dr. Pam Peeke provide you with a manageable plan that can help get your hormones in balance and your body in tip-top shape once again.