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Ladies: Should You Get a Prenup?

Ladies: Should You Get a Prenup?
When you get engaged you are overcome with joy and excitement. You cannot wait to plan your wedding with your fiance.

But between planning out the flower arrangements, wedding location and your honeymoon, you may need to have a serious conversation with your future spouse.

It isn't the most romantic topic... but what if things don’t work out?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract made by a couple before they marry concerning the ownership of their respective assets should the marriage fail.

We may be living in the new pre-nup generation, but are you setting yourself up for failure?

Contingency planning doesn’t need to be interpreted as pessimism or distrust.

People change, things happen and according to the American Psychological Association, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.

All those divorced couples would tell you... no one wants a messy divorce.

So, then, a pre-nup isn’t cynicism, but a pragmatic approach to protect yourself and your assets.

And people are taking note. In fact, The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that pre-nups are on the rise, and 46 percent of lawyers have noticed an increase in women requesting them.

In this segment of HER Radio, marriage expert, Dr. Gail Gross, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of a prenuptial agreement.  

Featured Speaker:
Gail Gross, PhD, EdD
drgrossDr. Gail Gross is a nationally recognized family and child development expert, author, and educator. Her positive and integrative approach to difficult issues helps families navigate today's complex problems.

Dr. Gross is frequently called upon by national and regional media to offer her insight on topics involving family relationships, education, behavior, and development issues. A dependable authority, Dr. Gross has contributed to broadcast, print and online media including CNN, FOX's The O'Reilly Factor, MSNBC, the New York Times and USA Today. She has also appeared on ABC, CBS and KHOU, Great Day Houston Show. She is a veteran radio talk show host as well as the host of the nationally syndicated PBS program, Let's Talk.