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Should You Separate or Get a Divorce?

Should You Separate or Get a Divorce?
Have you exhausted all efforts in your marriage and feel like it may be nearing the end?

Divorce has rapidly turned into an epidemic with over 50 percent of marriages ending in splitsville. 

Some couples are quick to split because they are unwilling to devote the necessary amount of time and effort into fixing their relationships or to understanding their partner's needs and wants, while others stay in unhealthy marriages for far too long. 

Filing for divorce is a monumental decision. Some experts feel that a in-between stage, or separation, can provide you and your spouse with the space and clarity that is needed.

Separation can give couples a taste of what divorce would be like. But does a separation mean you are inevitably doomed for divorce?

Keep in mind, if one of you is not willing to work on the relationship, it's probably time to get a divorce. In order to salvage the relationship, both people need to be willing to jointly work on things. 

This may not be the most romantic approach, but relationships are like a job where you need to work on meeting your partner's needs. 

Relationship and Love Coach, Rinatta Paries, presents the hard questions that you should ask yourself before getting separated or divorced, as well as helpful tools to guide you to make the right decision.
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Rinatta Paries, Relationship Coach
rinatta pariesRinatta Paries is a Singles and Relationship Master Coach and a Certified Relationship Specialist. She has spent the last 16 years helping men and women finally create the kind of relationship they want, whether it's by attracting the right mate, healing their current relationship, or recovering from a breakup or divorce.

Her current book, available in her website bookstore, The 8+ Stages of Relationships, details the stages of romantic relationships and what happens at each stage. The book helps singles understand where their past relationships have failed and helps couples heal their relationship no matter what stage their are in.