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Weight Loss Myth: Count Your Calories

Weight Loss Myth: Count Your Calories

All calories are NOT created equal. 

What exactly is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of energy which fuels your body via eating and drinking.  

You may have heard the saying, "A calorie is a calorie... is a calorie." But a calorie is not a calorie when it comes to how efficiently your fat metabolism system converts it into body fat. The more inefficient calories are at being stored as body fat, the better. The calorie myth is that counting calories is required to avoid gaining weight, becoming obese and developing diabetes. The truth? You do NOT need to do math at the dinner table to avoid obesity. 

Losing weight doesn't have to mean going hungry or spending hours at the gym. You need to optimize your caloric intake with the best type of calories that are high in water, fiber and protein. 

There are four factors that determine the quality of a calorie:

  • Satisfying
  • Aggressive
  • Nutritious
  • Efficient  

Nutrition and exercise expert, Jonathan Bailor, provides clear, comprehensive guidance on what to eat and why. He also explains what truly matters when it comes to weight loss and calories. 

Featured Speaker:
Jonathan Bailor
Jonathan BailorCollaborating with top scientists for over 10 years, analyzing over 1,300 studies, and garnering endorsements by top doctors from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, Yale, and UCLA, Jonathan Bailor is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, nutrition and exercise expert, and former personal trainer who specializes in using high-quality food and exercise to simplify wellness.

He has registered over 25 patents and authored the New York Times and USA Today bestselling book, The Calorie Myth (HarperCollins). Bailor serves as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, hosts a popular syndicated wellness radio show, blogs on the Huffington Post, and consults for organizations around the world. His free program is available at