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The Gut: 4 Tips to Cure Your Digestive Issues 

The Gut: 4 Tips to Cure Your Digestive Issues 
All Dis-ease Starts in the Gut - Hippocrates

The gut really reflects the things to which your body is being exposed.

Certified health coach, Lisa Spencer, suffered from severe IBS symptoms for years. At 42 years old, she finally convinced her doctor to do a colonoscopy, She discovered pre-cancerous polyps on her colon; but NOTHING the doctors prescribed worked (basically Miralax), and the doctor had a “see you next year” approach.

Lisa took matters into her own hands and learned the importance of a healthy gut. Now her digestion is healed and her last colonoscopy was clean as a whistle.

Tips to cure digestive issues:
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
  • Fiber works to “clean sweep” the digestive tract
  • Probiotics provide your body with healthy bacteria 
  • Slow down, sister! Stress is a major gut inhibitor

Lisa shares her story of digestive health and gives you tips you can incorporate in your own life to get your stomach in check. 

Featured Speaker:
Lisa Spencer, CHC
1-Lisa Spencer Headshot 2013 1580x1784Lisa Spencer CHC, AADP, FLT, is a board certified Health Coach + Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator. She is the creator of the Clean & Clear Bodywise Cleanse, the Simply Clean Cookbook and the author of the soon to be released Lean & Clean Foodie- a Mediterranean/ Paleo Cooking & Guidebook. She coaches women over 40 to conquer their mid-life health challenges, and start feeling incredible about their bodies and lives again (even if it's for the very first time).

At 42, after a series of mid-life digestive issues and a surprising health scare (discovering pre-cancerous polyps on her colon), Lisa went on a serious search for answers to the life-altering issues that were deeply affecting her health and well being. The pills the doctors prescribed to help not only didn't work, they made her digestive symptoms even worse. Nothing she tried improved her symptoms of bloating, allergies, exhaustion, brain fog... and the list went on.

She began to avidly research all things related to healing her digestive system from the inside out by seeking to find the root of the problem. Finally, through much research, and finding the right integrative health care practitioners, she discovered how to heal her body through a combination of nutritional changes, lifestyle adjustments and certain supplements. When she replaced her old habits with new ones, her digestive troubles vanished, her energy sky-rocketed and the bloating and allergies were a thing of the past. Now at almost 50, Lisa feels better than she did at 40!

After what she went through to find the answers, Lisa, decided to leave her successful but stressful 26 practice as an interior designer as she dove headfirst into health coach training, and therapeutic lifestyle education.