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Sick While Traveling? What You Should Do

Sick While Traveling? What You Should Do
What do you do if you develop a life-threatening illness or sickness while traveling? Sally Lynch's "better half", Wayne Lynch, became very ill while traveling in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He needed to go to the local hospital and have a myriad of tests done. 

After talking to the specialist, and a neighbor who is a spine surgeon at Flagstaff Medical Center in the states, they decided it was crucial for them to travel home.

The problem was this: they weren't able to get on a flight that day and could not tell the airline that it was a medical emergency, because the airline would not have let them fly home in Wayne's condition.

Sally has gained so much insight since that day; she was unaware of the different types of medical assistance you can receive while abroad. 

MedjetAssist and Sky Med International are two companies which she learned about, with a long list of other options available. The companies specialize in offering medical flights and repatriation services literally all over the world. You can get a single or family membership, which will take everyone home on the private jet to your home town. You can even buy a one-time per day membership if you are just traveling out of the country once.   

You're probably thinking these types of services are going to cost an arm and a leg (hopefully not the one that has put you in this situation in the first place). What's pleasantly surprising is these companies are able to offer these types of services at a cheaper price. And, overall, it will save you time, emotion and money. 

Sally Lynch joins HER Radio to share her travel experience. Even if you are flying from Chicago to New York City, Sally believes that the expense is worth it to make sure that if you or your loved one gets sick, you will be able to get home as quickly and safely as possible.
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Sally Lynch
Sally Lynch was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in nearby White Bear Lake. Seeking warmer temps, she left MN in 1974 for Phoenix. Sally became a volunteer fundraiser serving on the Heart Ball Committee, Barrow Women's Neurological Board, St. Luke's Foundation Board, Harrington Arthritis Foundation Board, Trends Charitable Foundation Board (co-chairing the Trends Fashionality Luncheon with Michelle King Robson in 1996), the Phoenix Symphony Board (co-chairing with Michelle the 50th Anniversary Gala in 1998) and numerous other committees during a span of almost 25 years. Sally has lived in Forest Highlands in Flagstaff since 2008. She has been on the Forest Highlands Foundation Board for four years and continues to help with an annual dinner/auction. Forest Highlands Golf Club is one of the few, if not only, golf clubs that raise money for charities. They are proud to say that they have raised over $3M for Flagstaff charities including the homeless shelters, food banks, Hospice, education and more.