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How to Heal Yourself after Sexual Trauma

How to Heal Yourself after Sexual Trauma
Sexual trauma happens more often than you realize.

Sexual trauma can occur in childhood, adulthood and even in the elderly. It may also occur in the workplace. People often associate sexual abuse with physical contact, like rape or sexual assault. But it can also involve verbal and emotional abuse as well. 

Many people who have been sexually abused feel that a major piece of their spirit has been robbed. These individuals may pick up addictions and other self-destructive behavior such as binge eating and alcoholism to help them cope with their past. 

How is it possible to reclaim a part of yourself that has remained as if frozen from the experienced trauma?

Jane A. Simington, PhD, is an author, therapist and professor who provide services-related assistance in helping people move beyond grief and trauma. She not only "talks the talk," but she has walked the walk of trauma and recovery. Dr. Simington shows you how to reclaim personal power from a traumatic experience.
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Jane A. Simington, PhD
Jane Simington Dr. Jane A. Simington, Ph.D., is the developer of both the internationally- delivered Trauma Recovery Certification and the Grief Support Certification Programs.

As a therapist and professor, she combines her professional background with her own experiences of grief, trauma, growth and transformation, along with an extensive knowledge of energy-transfer-healing, dream interpretation, therapeutic art and guided imagery, to help and heal people across the life span, and across cultures.

Dr. Simington is a frequent keynote speaker. Focusing on her research and clinical interests in grief and trauma, personal empowerment, and spiritual well-being, Jane is committed to giving powerful and impactful presentations that leave her audiences feeling inspired and with a solid take-away message to put into immediate action.

Jane's work is featured in her internationally sold books, Journey to the Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul, and Through Soul's Eyes: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise, the award winning films, Listening to Soul Pain and Healing Soul Pain and on the CDs, Journey to Healing, Releasing Ties, Cloaked in Joy, Shielded with Light, and Reintegrating Lost Parts of the Self.

Dr. Jane A. Simington is the recipient of numerous awards including the YWCA Woman of Distinction for Health & Medicine and Global Television's Woman of Vision.